Destination: South Pacific – New Caledonia

New Caledonia - Sea Turtle

For your next holiday, want somewhere close, totally different and very gay friendly? Try New Caledonia.

This French Territory destination is actively courting gay and lesbian tourists – for romance, for gourmet indulgences, for quiet relaxation, and especially adrenalin activities like kite surfing and diving with turtles on the coral reef.

What kind of New Caledonia holiday do you want?

From hiking to trade winds parasailing, from Melanesian culture and history to wildlife and colourful fauna seen at underwater parks. There’s something for every sort of traveller. Even scratch and social golfers.

Experience… New Tastes on the Gourmet Trail of Noumea, New Journeys in one of the most unique lands on earth, New Discoveries with hidden treasures on the Loyalty Islands, New Adventures in one of the best sailing areas in the whole Pacific, and New Experiences in a World Heritage listed underwater paradise.

Certainly the most important phrase to learn is “parlez vous Anglais?” Some locals speak English well, but too many more waiters can’t tell you if the ribs are pork or beef. Or if the wine is dry, complex or fruity. (You can take French language lessons as part of packaged trips and get the essentials.)

After my French for Dummies lessons, I want to explore the white sand beaches and coral reef along the shoreline on the Loyalty Islands. My dreams include dinner over the water at a resort with a swim up pool…I’ll hike some of the coastal trails, go on an amazing long distance trek, or ride a mountain bike in this biker paradise…I‘ll rent a scooter to get to the local, hidden, nude beach where gays do their thing.

In other words, New Caledonia offers new and different experiences you can’t get anywhere else. “New Caledonia provides a breath of fresh air for Australians, and even has a pink twist for active gay and lesbian visitors,” says Diane Moynihan, General Manager of New Caledonia Tourism Australia.

Noumea has hotels from 3 to 5 star, and the smaller are sometimes better at 3.5 star “family feeling” boutique hotels than the large chains with tour loads of Asians, Koreans, Germans and
French, of course.

Not into mainstream chain hotels and transformed Club Meds?

You can do the romantic, boutique thing and stay at a newly-opened, gay owned B&B on the outskirts next to the Drumea golf club.

I’ve heard tent camping at $20 per night on the Isle de Palms is the best bargain. Scenic, has its own store, easy access to hiking trails – all in the shadow of the $500 per night resort next door.

What are you waiting for?

We highly recommend flying New Caledonia’s international airline, Aircalin, on their comfortable aircraft that gets you to paradise in under 3 hours!

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