Best Gay Rugby Team in the World

24 to 31 August 2014

Sydney Convicts Rugby Club

The idea for a “gay World Cup” to settle once and for all who was the best among the gay men’s rugby teams was one of the motivations for forming the International Gay Rugby Association & Board.

IGRAB sponsors a single, biennial event: a tournament whose champion receives The Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Trophy –  known as The Bingham Cup. The event is now considered the world’s largest non-professional international rugby tournament. The tournament is named for Mark Bingham, an early member of the San Francisco Fog and former member of the championship University of California (Berkeley) rugby team and Gay Games athlete.

The Sydney Convicts Rugby Club – twice titleholders of the Bingham Cup – will host The 7th Bingham Cup in 2014. The week-long event, to be held in August 2014, will see up to 40 teams and 1,500 rugby players, along with coaches and supporters, running wild across Sydney – before, during and after the tournament!

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