Adventures in Gay History with Oscar Wilde

Dublin, London & Paris the Oscar Wilde Way

Gay History for Gay Travelers

Gay History for Gay Travelers.

Oscar Wilde Tours is launching of its inaugural tour, “Oscar Wilde’s Dublin, London and Paris.” The tour was designed to connect gay travelers with their own heritage.

“We’re providing gay travelers with the opportunity to learn about same-sex love throughout the ages, in different times and cultures,” says Professor Andrew Lear, founder of the Boston-based tour company. “We’ve taken the concept of a typical cultural itinerary and given it our own twist: see the past from the gay perspective.”

Scheduled for October 2014, the tour will initiate a set of offerings that will cover gay history throughout the ages: ancient Greece, imperial Rome, Renaissance Italy, Weimar Berlin and more.”
Professor Lear brings decades of expertise to his company—both as a specialist in gay history and an experienced director of tours. By combining his skills as an educator and guide, he aims to provide a travel experience that is intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching. On every tour, for example, it will bring in academics, authors and artists with a gay expertise to deliver lectures and talks that are related to the theme of the tour.

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