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In Bali, I have spotted only a few lesbian travellers – but then, I’m off the beaten tourist trail.

Staying at the same resort recently, I chatted with Melbournians Diane and Mandy, who have visited Bali a dozen times in the dozen years they’ve been a couple – pretty much every year during school holidays for these teachers and explorateurs.

Asked why, they chimed together “For the culture.  We don’t even think about being lesbians, so the gay scene and nightlife are of no interest,” they echoed. From their past experiences in Indonesia, they feel comfortable as out partners. “We’ve seldom experienced hassles when checking in and requesting one bed – with knowing smiles exchanged.”

Where now, What now.  

They sort out what to do differently each visit.  “We come to catch up with each other and leave computers and busy lives behind. We go exploring, enjoy interacting with locals and soaking up culture if not sunshine during wet season.”

If you’re coming during end of March and before Easter, you can experience something that will change your world.

The Bali Spirit Festival, end of March, is an annual celebration of yoga, dance and music. Held in Ubud, the cultural heart and wellness centre of Bali, there will be more than 100 workshops and world music concerts!

Di & Mandy would approve.

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