SAILORDUDES Sailing Adventures for men

SAILORdudes Gay Sailing Adventures organises relaxed, fun and affordable sailing cruises for fit sportive dudes that look for an active holiday.

SAILORdudes do this mainly for fun & aim to offer the best deals.

All sailing cruises are either clothing optional or nude, so you can work on your tan lines or get rid of them.

SAILORdudes sail in various great sailing areas on our planet with enthusiastic skippers whereby you can meet other international dudes and perhaps sleep on deck under the stars.

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One Response to SAILORDUDES Sailing Adventures for men

  1. Due to a cancellation, there is now one final place available on the nude sailing adventure to the beautiful Dodecanese islands in Greece, departing on August 23rd. If you are a fit guy into sportive adventures, contact us for a special offer!

    René 19 June 2014 at 4:18 pm
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