Vancouver’s Boldfest Celebrates Older Lesbians and Dykes

4-7 September 2014

For the last eight years, the Bold Old(er) Lesbians & Dykes conference has attracted lesbians aged 45+ from across Canada, the US and even Australia! It convenes at the Coast Plaza Hotel each year, on the weekend after Labour Day weekend. The lesbian welcoming, dog-friendly‬ Coast Plaza is in the heart of Vancouver’s gay West End, with stunning views of the mountains and Pacific Ocean.

This year, the Bold Woman of the Year recipient is the publisher of the iconic magazine, The Lesbian Connection (the longest running, worldwide lesbian publication for more than 40 years). The award will be received by co-founder Margy Lesher.

Never heard of BOLDfest? This video will make you want to pack for Vancouver!

Editor’s note: If I were attending, I’d go a day early for the Harbour Boat Cruise.

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