Water Party Barcelona

Great spot for the summer - Every Monday

Sun, good weather, beaches… these are some of the good things summer always brings with it. If you want to enjoy the fruits of summer and mix it with a party atmosphere and complement it with handsome guys, we have the perfect place for you!

Waterplace Mondays at la Carpa is the perfect mixture: dancing music, hot guys and a swimming pool just next to the dancing floor for having some extra fun. So, even if you think you won´t get into the swimming pool (you will at the end join those in the water), we recommend you to take your sexiest swimming suit with you. And forget about the typical excuse “I can´t swim”, since the swimming pool is not deep enough for using it as an excuse.

The place is located in Avinguda Manuel Azaña 21-23, in Hospitalet. But no worries! If you don´t want to get lost, you just have to take one of the free buses at the Axel Hotel and they will take you to the party.

It is the perfect place to warm up your engines until the Circuit Festival arrives to Barcelona. But don´t forget to go there on a Monday, since it is a “straight” bar the rest of the days.

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