The Top 10 Gay Wedding Destinations

Lonely Planet recently posted a listing of the Top 10 Gay Wedding Destinations and you will be spoiled for choice! With marriage equality spreading around the world, the LGBTI community are now flocking to open and accepting havens to say “I do” and take in the bliss that these locales offer.


(Stunning Queenstown, New Zealand awaits you!)

In no particular order, the top destinations are: Hawaii, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Tahiti, Capetown, Boston, New York City, Queenstown, Iceland and Vancouver. All places that have an inherent charm and makes them all the more appealing knowing that they are welcoming and open-minded communities.

San Francisco

(San Francisco makes its mark as a leading gay wedding destination.)

So, if the time has come to walk down the aisle – why not make it a little more amazing by added in a jaunt to one of these amazing places!

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