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Video: Pink Dot HK 2014: Embrace Our Differences. Celebrate Diversity

Inspiring video celebrating difference and diversity from Pink Dot Hong Kong. Website: www.pinkdot.hk

Pink Season is Hong Kong’s LGBT Festival

Pink Season is Hong Kong’s LGBT Festival

The Pink Season, Hong Kong’s LGBT Festival, kicks off the third edition on 9 September and closes on 10 November – making it Asia’s biggest and longest fest. This two-month period showcases a range of events, including Pink Season Picnic, the glamorous Mr. Gay Hong Kong pageant, Floatilla – party at sea, Out in the […]

The 2013 Hong Kong Pride Parade Takes Red to the Streets

“We stand for love, we stand for LGBT” is the theme of the Hong Kong Pride Parade this year (9th November 2013). And the dress code is Hot Red. Red is the first colour of the rainbow flag which represents “LIFE”.   Organisers says “A red hot life expresses our want to fight for the legislation […]

Hong Kong Pride – November, 2012

This November 10th, the pride of Hong Kong will radiate across this beaming metropolis in attempts to end the societal stigma against homosexuality.  The Hong Kong Pride Parade aims to show to China and the rest of the world that the LGBTI community deserves recognition and equality through a peaceful demonstration of unity and respect. The […]

OUT There Starts Here

Rainbow Rambler on Travel Photography

Tip: When visiting a new land, listen to the locals, listen to your fellow tourists, put down your cameras and just be. Anyone who’s been to the Louvre in Paris or Borobudur Temple in Java will have seen that kind of tourist who walks around everywhere with their selfie-stick phone or camera in front of […]